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Ermenek CRS Projects

BM Group continually strives to better its green commitment to energy by implementing complementary corporate social responsibility projects in all project areas, in fulfillment of its obligations towards the society. In so doing, BM undertakes a mission to create a better life for the following generations, where it places absolute importance on supporting long-term and socially lucrative projects with permanent benefits.

A good example of this commitment is the Ermenek Dam and HEPP Project, where many life-quality improvement projects were developed, financed and implemented by BM.

Ermenek Ski Center
A ski center comprising 800 meters of ski slopes, a full length ski lift and a ski house was constructed and donated to Ermenek Municipality.

Kazancı Cultural Center
A 1000-seat capacity cultural center was furnished, completed and donated to Kazancı District, Ermenek Municipality.

Student Dormitories
200-bed capacity girls’ dormitories was designed, constructed, fully furnished and donated to the Ministry of Education (2010).

Ermenek Forestation Project
Excavation and levelling works and forestation of a 500 ha. area was realized and donated to the Ermenek Forestry Management.

Ermenek Guest House
A modern 40-bed guesthouse was constructed in a select location in Ermenek. The guesthouse was accommodated to offer creature comforts to guests, including minibars and plasma TV’s, as well as a breathtaking panoramic view of the Ermenek Lake.