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Our HR Policies


Recognizing that investment in people and experience is the most valuable capital, BM Holding has adopted the following principles:

  • Being Honest and Fair to Employees,
  • Prioritizing Ethical Values,
  • Providing Equal Opportunity to Employees,
  • Supporting Employees in Career Planning,
  • Providing Training Opportunities to Improve the Professional and Personal Skills of Employees,
  • Providing a working environment where employees can present their pleasure and suggestions,
  • Respecting the Rights and Values of All Employees.

Our HR Practices


Recruitment Process

In our recruitment process carried out by Human Resources, we first make workforce planning and ensure that our existing staff and team are used rationally and efficiently.

For all required work positions, particular conditions and requirements are determined, the recruitment ad is published and a candidate pool is created for the relevant position based on CVs received at our e-mail address.

Incoming applications are evaluated by HR and those meeting the criteria are forwarded to technical evaluation stage. Upon completion of the technical evaluation, all participants are notified of the outcome and recruitment for the selected candidates is realized.


Our new colleagues joining our team will be subjected to an orientation process. During this orientation process, the processes, procedures, quality standards, company structure and history of our company and its operations will be explained.


In the light of our annual training plans, it is aimed to:

  • Increase work quality and customer satisfaction through vocational trainings,
  • Increase productivity and ethical values through trainings for personal development,
  • Improve the quality of business processes and explain our procedures and instructions through Quality Management Systems trainings,
  • Prevent work accidents with OHS trainings and ensure "ZERO OCCUPATIONAL ACCIDENTS."

Performance Evaluation

In order to evaluate the performance of our team consisting of Senior Management, White Collar and Blue Collar employees and our business processes and to identify areas open to improvement, a "Performance Evaluation Study" is conducted twice a year for a period of 6 months.

Performance Evaluation data provides a basis for identifying our areas open to improvement and for making our process, wage and career planning.

At the same time, it creates a platform where our colleagues can convey their opinions and suggestions to us.

Employee Satisfaction

The satisfaction of our employees and their sense of belonging to the company are very important to us. Human Resources carefully reviews and evaluates the suggestions and ideas received from our team. As a company, it is our greatest pleasure to promote self-criticism and target an increase in our work quality and employee satisfaction through associated improvements.

We believe that making our employees smile with our motivational events and establishing a social bond outside of work have a positive impact on all our processes.

We protect the personal data of our team within the scope of Personal Data Protection Law (PDPL) and create an environment of trust and comfort in this area.

Working Environment

We offer a productive working environment with our meeting rooms where our employees can communicate effectively and healthily, and our open office designed according to the modern working concept.


We prioritize equality between women and men in our business processes. In our recruitment processes, we aim to hire employees who are trained and competent for the right job, without gender, ethnicity, religion or other diversity factors.

We adopt gender equality as our company policy and carry out human resources processes in our companies accordingly.