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Djibouti Goethermal Empowerement Project

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Djibouti Goethermal Empowerement Project

Djibouti Geothermal Empowerement Project is a strategic training and infrastructure building project implemented in close coordination with the President’s Office in Djibouti. The Project aimed to improve Djibouti’s legal and institutional infrastructure and human resources and raise its technical capabilities for exploration, discovery, development and utilization of its abundant national geothermal resources. This comprehensive Project was fully designed, planned and realized by BM’s group companies.

The following were realized within the scope of the Project:

  • Legislation
    • Preparation of Djibouti Geothermal Law
    • Establishment of Djibouti Geothermal Agency (ODDEG)
    • Cataloguing and publishing of past geothermal studies
  • Training and engineering
    • Preparation of 4-well geothermal drilling program
    • Preparation of materials procurement plans for 4-wells
    • Well-pad construction design and technical specifications
    • Drilling rig and inventory determination based on well programs
    • Preparation of flow-test program
    • Preparation of procurement plans and specs for test program
    • Basic drilling training (2 months, in Turkey)
    • Drilling rig maintenance training (2 months, in Turkey)
    • Geothermal exploration techniques training (1 month, Turkey)
    • Drilling applications training (3 months, Gale Le Gome field, Djibouti)
  • Facilities and equipment
    • Procurement supervision of CF2000 light drilling rig
    • Procurement supervision of PM225 drilling rig
    • Procurement supervision of 4-well operatör materials
    • Preparation of ort he’s field camp
  • Implementation
    • 600m geothermal drilling in Gale Le Goma Goethermal Field
    • Geothermal flow tests
    • Surveys for 2-well re-entry program and preparation of programs
    • Preparation of feasibility reports for the Gale Le Goma Geothermal Field

With this Project, 30 personnel from Djibouti Geothermal Agency (ODDEG) received training on geothermal exploration and drilling, and participated in field applications under supervision of field experts. At the end of the total-2-year project, Cibouti’s capabilities in the field of geothermal exploration and development were significantly increased and 2 geothermal energy projects in Djiboti were developed well past their financing stages.