Bm Holding


BM‘s Geothermal Group has, for years, been the leading single point supplier of geothermal services that aim to explore, develop and present turnkey geothermal projects by investing in project development, R&D, implementation and operation. BM Geothermal Group has discovered and developed a portfolio of 3 geothermal power projects, 6 medium/high enthalpy geothermal reseroirs  and a total of 10 geothermal reserves.

BM has implemented;

13,2 MW Gümüşköy Geothermal Power Plant, in the city of Aydın in the South-West of Turkey, with a reservoir temperature of 182 °C. 12MW Kuyucak Geothermal Power Plant Phase 1 (joint Project with TURCAS Energy), in the city of Aydın.

Gümüşköy Geothermal – Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Hybrid R&D Project. This project is based on the hybridization of the 13.2MW Gümüşköy GEPP ORC system with a solar thermal power generation system, with the purpose of offsetting the efficiency loss owing to high ambient temperature with the additional energy generation supplied by the solar thermal module.

Meanwhile, our subsidiaries continue to offer class-leading products and services in oilfield and geothermal drilling rigs and equipment (Petrotek: and drilling and well services (Pars Drilling: