TED Vision Visits is a personal project that was envisioned by BM‘s Vice Chairman of the Board, Özgür Çağlan Kuyumcu. In his view, the world is in dire need of innovative and bright ideas that will help solve the mass of problems that exist today. In this line, biggest help would come from increasing individuals’ ability to formulate and develop these bright ideas. In Mr.Kuyumcu’s experience, the single most important asset one can have, along proper education is vision. Improving individuals’ visions should therefore ideally be a widely accepted priority for creating prosperous future generations.

The project follows that exposure of individuals to different environments, subjects and problems can add to a unique type of experience (i.e.vision), which in turn significantly increase that person’s ability to formulate innovative to solutions to future problems. Parallel to the natural development of the human brain, development of a strong vision starts from very early ages and starts diminishing after later ages. Therefore, vision required for problem solving is best (most effective) when added during late education to early professional life.

TED Vision Vists invites a number of select students on a tour of numerous large scale projects from BM‘s own portfolio. Students from various disciplines are taken to geothermal fields to see exploration works and well tests, dams to see construction activities, greenhouses to understand the concept and the growth system and hydroelectric power plants to better understand green energy. This one week tour also grants them the opportunity to meet and converse with professionals from different fields, where they can gain valuable insight on their professional lives, activities and problems.

It is believed that this one week goes a long way in helping students plan their careers and weight their options, in addition to providing a much enlarged vision for their future lives. Meanwhile, the aim of this program is to take this one step further by involving multiple companies and ultimately a very large portfolio of projects, facilities and monuments to select from.