We are living in a borrowed world. With this understanding, comes an unrelenting passion for improving our society through any means available. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Projects reflect our understanding of such improvement, which we believe should manifest itself in the entire global business community to attain a better, sustainable life for the future generations.

We strongly believe any investment should first and foremost support activities that can help further the life standards of its’ immediate social community. These activities should not only cover the important needs of the area, but they should also offer a scalable platform for future expansion into related activities, all the while requiring as little outside help or support as possible. They should therefore grow alongside the communities by cultivating cohesion among its members. They should also be conducted in an ethical and transparent manner so as to contribute to everyone’s wellbeing.

From this aspect, BM Holding supports the global initiatives like United Nations Global Compact initiative (www.unglobalcompact.org) and its Ten Universal Principles (http://www.unglobalcompact.org/AboutTheGC/TheTenPrinciples/index.html) concerning human rights, respect labor rights, protect the environment and work against corruption.

Social responsibility projects undertaken thus far by BM include large forestation projects, construction of mosques, student dormitories, guesthouses, ski facilities and health centers. Last but not least is the Hemşin Touristic Conversion Project that comprises the partial reconstruction of artificial lakes, altogether culminating in conversion of Hemşin into a reanimated tourism center.