Oilfield Baslik Yazi

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BM Oilfield services division was born entirely out of BM’s own needs as an investor in the natural gas & geothermal exploration. As such, the division was created with the sole purpose of maximizing value to prospective investors, by utilizing the resources and capabilities of the region at their highest.

PETROTEK GLOBAL – Equipment manufacture and refurbishment


Petrotek is an international manufacturer of world standard drilling rigs and oilfield equipment. The company specializes in the design, manufacture, repair & maintenance of mobile and land drilling rigs, rig ancillaries (i.e. complete solid control systems, pressure control equipment, camp components), cementing and acidizing units and logging units. Petrotek also acts as a supplier of high quality drilling equipment and support fleets.

Petrotek has created its own tradition of effectively combining Turkish manufacturing advantages with foreign original components and a simple, straightforward design in order to create very cost effective, highly versatile and extremely reliable equipment.

PARS DRILLING – Drilling Contracting and Well Services


Pars Anatolian Drilling Contracting was established as a subsidiary of BM Group, with the purpose of putting BM’s over 10-years’ expertise, manpower, equipment and facilities, including manufacturing of oilfield drilling rigs, at the service of the oil, gas and geothermal E&P sector.

As a priority, Pars Anatolian provides services to the geothermal fields located in the Thrace and Aegean regions, with other services extending to the oilfield and natural gas exploration sector. Starting from the drilling planning stage, Pars provides the entire spectrum of drilling, well completion, logging, production testing services and workover services (including coiled tubing services), along with a number of other specialty operations.

PUSULA R&D – Exploration Consulting and Training


Pusula R&D was established with the purpose of sharing BM’s experiences as a geothermal explorationist and an energy developer, with the geothermal energy sector.

Primary areas of service include geothermal exploration consulting (preliminary assessment, regional studies, exploration programs, reservoir development, 3D modeling, capacity assessment and feasibility), drilling consulting (cored, conventional, directional), testing consulting and exploration training. Pusula also acts as owner’s engineer and lender’s engineer for geothermal projects.



Exclusive Turkish distributorship of world renowned Gardner Denver pumps, which represent the pinnacle of pumping technology. Garder Denver products’ primary characteristics are higher power in smaller footprint and an unmistakeable GD quality and reliability.



Turkish dealership of market leader Kenworth Trucks. Kenworth trucks are internationally reclaimed for their robust build, high power and durability and high quality. Thanks to its high-output engine packages and wide range of chassis configurations, Kenworth offers the best product range that can meet the extreme demands of oil, gas and geothermal exploration sectors.