Land Development Baslik Yazi


BM has been creating and developing LD projects since 1992, following its acquisition of a number of high-value land properties around Antalya and Ankara. BM manages and developes a limited select portfolio of current and pipeline of projects.

Past references include a mega resort and golf club project in Belek – a shore strip in Antalya unknown to most until 1992 – that sparked and eventually culminated in the development of the massive Belek Tourism Area, which today includes more than 150 resorts.

Current undertakings include MAIDAN Office & Residence Project in Ankara’s prestigious business district Bilkent. Following completion of its architectural design by famous local design company A TASARIM and theme design by world renowned design artist Stephen Stephanou (lately of Las Vegas’ Bellagio Hotel), the project quickly became the talk of town owing to its unique location, one-off design and many practical utilization features. MAIDAN is currently in its early construction phase (www.maidan.com.tr), scheduled for completion and delivery to clients within the second half of 2017.

Meanwhile, BM’s current flagship development project is the taking place in the 2500da Ballı Kuyumcu property in Ankara, in the form of a novel residential area concept to be realized in three consecutive stages. The first stage is planned for commencement in early 2016.