Hydropower Baslik Yazi


Starting with Turkey’s first B.O.T. hydropower scheme back in 1986, BM has constructed 8 HEPPs. BM currently owns and operates 5 of those power plants with total annual power generation of 240 GWh, with one more HEPP under construction.

In line with BM‘s commitment to efficiency and innovation, all technical and environmental aspects of each project are meticulously reviewed and investigated far beyond legal requirements by BM‘s in-house engineering team, starting from feasibility studies to the commercial operation stage.

Some of the novelties devised by the in-house engineering team include:

Construction of a large dam in full swamp,
Conversion of a dam into a multi-level cascade system with %90 reduced expropriation,
Rubber spillways and flush power house design for reduced environmental impact,
Conversion of numerous HEPP surface water transmission lines to underground for reduced environmental impact, expropriation area and easier operation,
Integration of numerous cascade hydropower projects into single more efficient plants with significantly improved benefit / cost ratios.