Horticulture Baslik Yazi

BM‘s investments in the geothermal sector have secured the group with a high number of productive low-enthalpy geothermal areas having suitable characteristics to geothermal-heated horticulture. (http://www.bmagro.com/) Moving on the increasing global demand for greenhouse products, BM launched a stages initiative in 2010 for building and operating high-technology geothermal-heated greenhouses.

BM‘s entry into the sector has been in the form of the 51 da pilot geothermal-heated glass greenhouse in Ortaklar, Turkey. Ortaklar Greenhouse has been designed according to the state of the art, using SCADA controlled fertilizer, climate and CO2 feeding and heating systems. The greenhouse is designed for soilless substrat culture with an annual (tomato) production of 2,300 tons.

Current considerations include a steady expansion of the facility at a rate of 25-30 da. per annum., where Ortaklar region has abundant geothermal resources and adequate land to support up to an estimated 300 da. of geothermal-heated greenhouses.

BM will further expand its efforts by building a 250m2 R&D greenhouse in late 2015. This greenhouse shall be utilized to test & optimize most of the horticulture parameters utilized in BM‘s greenhouses.