Geothermal Baslik Yazi

BM‘s Geothermal Group is a leading single point supplier of geothermal services that aim to explore, develop and present turnkey geothermal projects by investing in project development, R&D, implementation and operation.

Our team of in-house specialists can undertake complex tasks ranging from full-scale exploration and 3D reservoir modeling to drilling, logging, testing and formation of deep geothermal wells and power plant construction, O&M and support.

BM‘s BM’s Geothermal Group with over ten years of aggressive investment in the field of Geothermal has earned the company leading position in the Turkish geothermal market and is among Turkey’s foremost explorationists with a current portfolio of 3 licenses, 6 projects and 10 reserve discoveries.

BM currently owns and operates its first GEPP, Gümüşköy Geothermal Power Plant, in the city of Aydın in the South-West of Turkey, with a reservoir temperature of 182 °C. First phase of the Gümüşköy Power Plant has been commissioned on May 2013, where a second phase was added in 2014 for a total installed power capacity of 13.2 MW. Project scope comprises geothermal exploration from greenfield, reservoir development, long-term flow testing, capacity assessment, power plant design and construction, including a 24 ton/day capacity CO2 gas production plant.

BM has implemented an R&D project in Gümüşköy Geothermal Power Plant, which is Gümüşköy Geothermal – Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Hybrid Project. This project is based on the hybridization of the 13.2MW Gümüşköy GEPP ORC system with a solar thermal power generation system, with the purpose of offsetting the efficiency loss owing to high ambient temperature with the additional energy generation supplied by the solar thermal module. The pilot system (200 Kw) is currently undergoing seasonal production tests in order to fine tune efficiency calculations. A commercial scale 1.5 MW solar thermal system will be installed next.

Another GEPP project of BM is located in Seferihisar, İzmir with a reservoir temperature of about 170 °C. Geothermal exploration, post-exploration reservoir development and preliminary capacity estimation studies have been carried out in the project with an estimated installed capacity of 27 MW.

In the meantime, our subsidiaries offer high value for money oilfield and geothermal drilling rigs and equipment (Petrotek; www.petrotekglobal.com), drilling and well services (Pars Drilling – www.parsdrilling.com) and consulting and training services (Pusula – www.pusulard.com). Please refer to BM Oilfield section for details.