BM Holding has established over the last four decades a reputation among the leading names in the general construction and engineering sector and has accomplished great projects including large dams, hydroelectric power plants, tunnels and shafts, land irrigation, water conveyance and sewerage networks, highways, roads and bridges, natural gas and petroleum pipelines and stations, dredging and land reclamation works and other complex structures in Turkey and other selected locations around the country.

Bülent Kuyumcu initially founded BM Group’s first company in 1972 as BM Mühendislik ve İnşaat A.Ş. (BM Engineering and Construction Corporation). The company started out by undertaking small-scale structures such as office building construction works. After its foundation, the company gradually transitioned into the higher end market. Over the following 10 years, BM moved to a very specialized market as they began to focus on the large scale, complex and risky construction projects that demanded a very sophisticated approach to their construction, engineering and project management. In parallel, BM started expanding its business in diversified sectors and entered into power generation in early 80′s, geothermal exploration in 2004 and agriculture (horticulture, fertilizer) business in 2009. Tourism sector was also among the companies’ past investment interests, where BM ultimately exited the sector in 2001.

Today, BM Holding, with business group companies is active in the fields of construction, energy production (hydro, geothermal, waste to energy, alternative renewables, etc.), energy sales, industrial gas supplies, horticulture, fertilizers, land development and aviation. In line with BM’s overall approach to business, BM’s subsidiaries aim to bring value to the market through good engineering, comprehensive R&D and a bold approach towards innovation.

BM Group always takes pride in having accomplished many firsts, which include constructing Turkey’s highest dam, first rubber-spillway HEPP, first concrete arch dam as a local contractor and first dam in swamp, becoming the first local pilot of a large multinational construction consortium, implementing Turkey’s first B.O.T. hydropower scheme, discovering Turkey’s first private sector high enthalpy geothermal resource and owning and operating Turkey’s most comprehensive bio-energy pilot facility.

Over the last forty years, the leadership has changed slightly and the Company has continually evolved; but the passion for quality and the strong personal commitment to their clients has not changed.